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CAUTION - Green Bud Disease!

There has been some communication that there is a "New" Green Gerbera.

Unfortunately this is not the case. These Gerberas are diseased with Green Bud.

As the name infers this problem strikes, the petals of flowers turning them green which in turn does not allow them to develop normally.

The symptoms sometimes appear on the flowers produced from only one or two crowns of the plant with the remaining crowns producing normal coloured flowers. It may also only occur on one part of the flower.

The cause of this condition is understood to be a mycoplasma transmitted from an infected plant by sap sucking insects such as aphids, leaf hoppers, thrips and canary flies.

Once a plant shows signs of green bud it should be disposed of promptly.

In no circumstance should the plant be recycled by composting or digging into soil.

While there is no known cure for this disease, regular monthly spraying of plants with a systemic insecticide will reduce the risk of the problem arising.

- From Gerbera Growing in Western Australia Handbook

For a copy of the complete book Gerbera Growing in Western Australia please Contact Us via email.

Courtesy of one of our Facebook Followers - Sandra

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