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Calendar of Activities for Gerbera Growers

JANUARY / FEBRUARY Hot months require attention to water, shade and mulching (away from crowns). Increase fertilising in mid-February for the April show.

MARCH Mid-March increase fertilising again for the show. Blooms may need supporting to stop them breaking off in high winds.

APRIL Keep fertilising program going right up until the show.

MAY Check for any diseases. Additional moisture may be required if winds are drying out pots. One feed of slow release fertiliser. Be aware that gerbera leaves often act like umbrellas during rain.

JUNE/ JULY One feed of slow release fertiliser. Spent blooms and dead leaves and excess foliage should be removed. Check moisture is adequate. Do not overwater or rot will set in.

AUGUST Much the same as for June/July. Begin the 8 week fertilising program to have plants ready for the October show.

SEPTEMBER As the weather warms watch the moisture content of soil – especially pots. Mid-September step up the fertilising program for the 4 weeks prior to the show, including a liquid program in the off weeks. Watch for Thrip and Aphid.

OCTOBER You should have beautiful show blooms!

NOVEMBER Time for dividing and getting plants up for the next year. Do not let divisions dry out completely and liquid feed them so they recover quickly.

DECEMBER Check moisture. Keep a look out for pests and diseases.

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