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The main object of the WA Gerbera Society Inc. is, as an educational, recreation and social group, to promote and foster the study and practice of horticulture in general but in particular to the culture, propagation and improvement of Gerberas.





















Stuart Tindale was awarded Life Membership to the WA Gerbera Society at our last meeting for 2023 by WAGS President Michael Roberts.

Stuart Tindale has long been an outstanding member of WAGS. His flowers and plants are always of the highest quality and he has taken breeding of gerberas to a new level. To date, Stuart has registered 18 new gerbera plants but has bred many more that have not, as yet, been given registration status. 

Stuart has won a number of State Gerbera Championships, not the least of which was won using all of his own bred seedlings.

Our Registrar, Ian Stannard, asked the Committee to consider the presentation of a Certificate of Merit for Stuart's Registered Gerbera, Hannah. Ian considers Hannah to be the closest he has seen to a perfect gerbera. "Hannah has outstanding traits. It always has good exhibition quality flowers and plenty of them".

Stuart said he gets so much satisfaction out of what he is doing because he has been fascinated in botany since he was a boy. His main interest lies in the pollination and breeding of new varieties of gerberas, just to see what he can come up with. Stuart says, "you can never predict what you will get from a seedling". He enjoys encouraging new “rookie” members because he believes they are the future of our society and in the breeding of new gerbera varieties.

Stuart has held many Committee positions in his 33 years as a member of WAGS. These include: Secretary (12 years), Gerbera Journal Editor (2.5 years), Show Secretary (2 years) and WA Horticultural Council Representative for a number of years.

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Life membeship
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Date:       Sunday 18 February 2024  - Members only gerbera sale


Venue:   Collins St Centre

                   Crn Collins St and Shaftesbury Ave

                   SOUTH PERTH

Arrive:   1.30pm to bench exhibits and put plants up for sale

Bring Cash: for purchase of gerbera plants


The Collins St Centre is conveniently located just off Canning Hwy close to public transport. There is plenty of off street parking as well as street parking.

Please watch this space and our social media pages for updates on possible meeting cancellations.

Season's Greeting
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