While the society concentrates on the growing, cultivating and promotion of gerberas there are also other activities that provide some diversity to the wide range of interests of members.



The WA Gerbera Society holds the Gerbera Titles Registry of Australia.


In Australia, Registered Gerberas are those gerberas which have been bred in Australia and registered through the application process laid down by the Australian Titles Registry. 

In general, these gerberas are of a high show exhibition quality and fit the guidelines and standards as specified in the Gerbera Growing In WA handbook and adopted by the WA Horticultural Council.


The registration process is not simple and takes time.

The applicant must submit, to a panel of WA Gerbera Society Judges, 3 blooms from the applicant's unregistered plant. The applicant must declare that either: there are at least 6 plants of the variety submitted for registration in existence and that at least 3 of these plants are in their possession or that no less than 10 plants exist albeit not in their possession.

Alternatively, the applicant can submit an accurate description (or photo) of the of the subject plant's blooms and a declaration that at least 6 plants of that variety exist, 3 of which are in the applicant's possession. In addition, the applicant is required, at their own expense, to deliver a healthy division from the subject plant to the WA Gerbera Society, for an experienced member of the Society to grow into maturity so that the flowers may be assessed by a panel of judges.


Each member of the judging panel will independently judge the 3 required blooms using the standards specified by the WA Horticultural Council and the Judging Guidelines set out in the Gerbera Growing in Western Australia handbook. 


Are those gerberas that: have been bred but not yet registered by the breeder; are grown on from plants acquired commercially that may have an allocated name; are acquired commercially, that do not have an allocated name but have been named by the grower; have been bred but decorative in nature and not considered worthy of the registration process.



Unfortunately, there is a lot of duplication with unregistered names. Simply using the colour of the flower is very confusing. It is always a good idea to put the initials of the grower on any labelled unregistered plant, that way the grower can be identified if someone is trying to locate a particular gerbera plant.




Our Shows are always popular with the community. In the past we have hosted two large public shows each year: The State Gerbera Championship and Autumn Show in April and The WA Gerbera Society Gerbera Championship and Spring Show in October.


Due to the logistics of staging large events, currently the only public event is our State Gerbera Championship Show, held in April each year. This show attracts excellent exhibits from gerbera growers around the state.

We hold a Mini Show for WA Gerbera Society members only, at our October meeting.



The gerbera specimen exhibits at our State Gerbera Championship Show are spectacular. This is the place to find the gerberas you want to grow and to learn how to produce glorious gerbera blooms.


We have beautiful displays of Floral Art exhibited by our members at our Shows. There are several classes, not all requiring gerbera flowers, some with whimsical themes. The public Most Popular Floral Art Exhibit vote is always a hit with the children attending.