Gerberas are relatively modern plants compared with many other well-known plants and do not have a long and colourful history.

Member Stuart Tindale has written a brief history of the discovery and development of the gerbera plant.

You can read about it here: A Brief History of the Gerbera Plant.






In 2015 the WA Gerbera Society Inc celebrated it's 60th Anniversary. 

Become immersed in a snippet of the WA Gerbera Society's history all the way from the date the organisation was started to now.





It was after a Gerbera Championship held at the Kelmscott Horticultural Show, that it was decided to create a Gerbera Section. The first meeting of 10 people interested in Gerberas was held in a private residence and the Gerbera Club was formed. As the membership grew, the Club started to meet at the Kelmscott Parish Hall.



It was decided to break away from the Kelmscott Horticultural Society and in June the Gerbera Society of WA was formed. When membership decreased a decision to move closer to the city was made and meetings were held at the Carlisle Scout Hall.



The first Gerbera Show was held on 26 October 1958. No nomination fee was charged and no prizes were given except for 5 trophies. Schedules were individually hand typed and prize cards donated. Trestles, tablecloths, containers and vases were borrowed. Specimens were staged in milk bottles and soft drink bottles. Only members and their friends were invited.

1960'S & 1970'S



The Gerbera Society moved into the nearby Bickford Memorial Hall, Carlisle.



At that time the Bickford Hall was far too isolated to attract public interest. So in June 1964 it was decided to shift meetings to the Melville Community Association Hall (Roy Edinger Hall as it is known today) in Stock Road Melville.



The first Journal was produced on 25 June 1965 Vol:1 No:1. The Journal is still being published (quarterly) with the latest news 50 years later.



The Constitution was drafted and registered. (Advertised in Journal Vol:3 No:5 and Vol:3 No:6)



The Gerbera Titles Registry of Australia, Perth, Western Australia was set up and commenced on the 8th April 1968


Late 1960s:

The first Gerbera Handbook was typed and photocopied.



Incorporation was registered. The first Journal to carry the title of “WA Gerbera Society Inc.” on the cover was August 1975 Vol:11 No:7.


1990'S & BEYOND



Amendments to the Constitution were finalised. (Advertised in Journal Vol:30 No:5)



When the Melville Council leased the Melville Community Association Hall to the Melville Theatre Group and permanent staging was erected, the facility was not suitable to hold shows or meetings. The Gerbera Club tried a meeting hall in the Melville Recreation Centre in Stock Road for a couple months but that was not suitable either.

The R.S.L. Hall in Kintail Road Applecross then became our meeting place in July 1999 and is where we still hold meetings today. The move to the RSL Hall meant widening the search for a hall which would suit for shows and the South Perth Civic Centre Lesser Hall in South Terrace, South Perth was the Society’s home from April 1999 for a few years.



When membership increased the Lesser Hall became too small for the shows and it was decided to shift to the Main Hall of the Civic Centre for the October Show.



In early 2007 the South Perth Council decided that the Civic Centre needed to be renovated which meant that all bookings had to be cancelled for 18 months, whilst this was done. The October Show moved to the Community Hall, Collins St, South Perth until renovations were complete.



The WA Gerbera Society Inc. returned to the beautifully renovated South Perth Civic Centre in April 2011 to hold their Shows.


An increase in membership at the April 2021 State Gerbera Championship Show, necessitated a move for our monthly meetings from the cosy RSL Hall in Applecross to the Collins St Hall in South Perth. The RSL Hall had been our home for 21 years and had served us well.